aNueNue UT1K All Solid AA Grade Tenor Ukulele w/case

aNueNue UT1K All Solid AA Grade Tenor Ukulele w/case
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.It has been several years since we sampled the Anuenue range of Ukuleles and boy have they come on leaps and bounds. A company that not too long ago sat as a nice alternative to an Ohana, Kala or Islander Ukulele is producing some truly gorgeous professional level, high end Ukuleles.

The UT1K takes a lot of its inspiration from the elite Hawaiian and Japanese Ukulele manufacturers. The Koa is rich in look and tone (AA grade) and most resembles the modern Koa and gloss finishes used by Kamaka. The unique sheer-cutaway offers much more room at the dusty end of the neck somehow without compromising on any of the volume or depth in the instruments sound. The biggest compliment I can pay this instrument is that it reminds me of not only Kamaka but Kanile'a, KoAloha, Imua, Takumi and Kiwaya all at the same time. This is every bit as playable as its Hawaiian idols - fingerpickers will love the extra room as well as the bubbly tones.

It's fair to say that these Ukuleles would make great candidates for a pickup installation and the slender neck profile is a welcome alternative to the slightly thicker feeling necks of Kanile'a and Pono. As with the ASOS series - all of the little touches are here; a stripy Rosewood headstock veneer, a bone nut and saddle, an excellent set of Anuenue own brand tuners and Anuenue's own brand Blackwater fluorocarbon strings which only add to warm mids/crisp trebles Hawaiian vibe.

The Anuenue bird series Ukuleles come with a nice rugged Blue woodshell hard case.

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