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Ana'Ole ACH Solid Hawaiian Mango/Koa Concert Ukulele Made in Hawaii #25530623

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This solid koa and Hawaiian mango concert ukulele from Ana'Ole is brought to you straight from Hawaii. If you've always dreamed of owning an authentic Hawaiian ukulele but want to avoid the big brands and big bucks, this is for you. We're so excited to bring this incredible value ukulele brand to a European market that does so well in Honolulu, Kaikoloa and the far East.

Ana'Ole means immeasurable in Hawaiian. We can't help but agree when we consider the value for money you get with this stunning concert ukulele. The ACH model is a fully Hawaiian made ukulele built of solid Hawaiian mango and koa. It has a gloss finish with a kiawe fingerboard and bridge, sapele neck and good quality open geared grover tuners.

The neck profile is reminiscent of other Hawaiian builds. It's quite chunky with a nice C shaped profile, but it is very comfy to play in very position. In fact, the whole package is incredibly desirable whilst remaining considerably more affordable than the more established Hawaiian manufacturers.

The choice of the woods used is not entirely cosmetic. The H in the title stands for Hapa, and means half in Hawaiian. Koa and mango have very different sounds, and you get a nice blend of the two here - the mango smooths out the trebles, and the koa tightens the bass. It is a lovely sound!

I can see many customers comparing these to Pono ukuleles at a similar price and walking away with the Ana'Ole. It offers something a bit more unique with rustic charm. The waxy finish can make the instrument appear older than it is but the important thing is the way in which the gloss finish works with the tone woods. As the finish is nitro cellulose over open pore wood, some pitting and pockmarks are to be expected. You have to overlook small cosmetic issues with Ana'Ole instruments - they are such stunning value for money, but they are a little rough around the edges.

There really isn't anything to say about Ana'Ole except where have you been all my life?

ACH concert model
Solid Hawaiian koa and mango top, back and sides
Hawaiian kiawe fingerboard and bridge
35 mm nut width, with 28.5mm G to A string spacing
383mm scale length
Sapele neck, gloss finish
Open geared grover tuners
Fluorocarbon high G GCEA strings
Nitro cellulose high gloss finish over open pore

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