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Acus One 6 Wood Cabinet Dual Channel Acoustic Amplifer

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Acus really take music seriously. For more than 15 years they have been developing world class Amplifiers for other leading companies in the Acoustic market. It seems only right that with all of that experience and technology at their disposal they would enter into that world themselves.

The "One" series are impressive with crisp, uncoloured sound, clarity at high volume and modern design. The loud speakers are developed by Acus and made in Italy. A carrying strap on top and a vibration-free, angled front grill rounds off that gorgeous and understated 'coffee shop musician' aesthetic.

Features two separate inputs with GAIN, 3-band equalizer, and effect SEND and the RCA input with dedicated volume control can be used with computer or iPod.

The balanced direct output, the line output, and the RCA recording output make this an extremely versatile system.

100 Watt
1x 6" Bass speaker
1x Compression Tweeter
independently controllable channels
Each channel with 3-Band EQ & Volume controls
1x Micro + Line + Stereo-In, Gain control, Stereo-Out
Gain control, Stereo-Out, Direct-Out/XLR, Phantom power
Ground-Lift switch
Master- Volume
Housing: ply-wood
Finish: Natural (Wood)
Weight: 14 kg

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