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Acus One 5 Wood Cabinet Dual Channel Acoustic Amplifer

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Ultra-compact and very versatile this Italian made Acoustic amplifier is packed with everything a soloist would need to put in a world class performance. The market is currently crowded with amps allowing simultaneous use of guitar and microphone but few look as stylish and professional as this and sound nearly as crisp and clinical whether the listener is a foot away or 30 meters. The dedicated AUX input (with its own volume control) can be used with an mp3 player or IPod so that you can relax on your break with confidence or jam along at home. The system also features balanced 1/4 jack direct output which is perfect if you will be connecting to a larger PA.

Frequency Response - 50Hz - 20kHz
Max Power Out - 50W RMS
System format - 2 Way Biamp
Woofer Power - 40W RMS
Tweeter / Horn Power - 10W RMS
Sensitivity 1W 1m - 90DB
Crossover - Electronic
Woofer size - 5''
High Freq driver - Compression Tweeter
Box - 2 way Bass Reflex
Construction - Plywood
Weight - 7KG
Dimensions - 29x24.5x25cm's

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