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MiSi Acoustic Trio Ukulele Transducer Pickup Rechargable - To Fit Yourself

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Purchase this if you want a boxed MiSi Acoustic Trio pickup sent to you, for you to fit yourself.

The Mi-Si acoustic trio ukulele system features an active, battery-free preamp designed specifically to work with the included L.R. Baggs undersaddle ukulele pickup.

The preamp for this system uses Mi-Si’s custom piezo linearization scheme – allowing for the most truthful and accurate sound from the pickup.

All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si power charger, providing you with up to 16 hours of performance time.

Installation requires you to be brave and drill into your ukulele in two places - through the saddle slot for the Piezo pickup, and through the block in the bottom bout for the endpin jack socket. Full instructions, and the charger with a UK plug, come with the pickup.

If you want us to fit a MiSi pickup to the ukulele you are purchasing from us now, add the Fitted MiSi pickup option to your order here.

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