Sumi Kobo C-3P Solid Premium Curly Koa Concert Ukulele in hard case

Sumi Kobo C-3P Solid Premium Curly Koa Concert Ukulele in hard case
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It can get boring sometimes banging on about how amazing the Sumi Kobo Ukuleles are. We must have had half a dozen here at SUS now in the 3 years since we first came across one at the NAMM show but each one has been completely unique and exquisite on the inside and the outside - the most beautiful attack on all of our senses (they even smell nice).

This most recent instrument is a first, even for us. This instrument was made by Eiichi Sumi without being commissioned by a dealer - he just saw the premium Koa he had at his disposal and decided that he had to make it into something and we could beg him to let us have it later!

The C-3P has a truly holographic curly Koa top and sides which you would honestly never tire of looking at but the real ingenuity of this instrument belongs in the back which consists of 3 book matched pieces put together with Abalone stipes forming a triangle down either side. The back is just as wavy and figured as the top and sides - you can move it into different lights and just watch the different shades of orange, browns and yellows dance their way to the surface.

My favourite part of this instrument is the headstock frontplate which has more stunning curly Koa with a sexy Turquoise inlay between the machinehead posts. Truthfully, this headstock inlay was the only picture I saw of this instrument before jumping out of my seat with excitement at the prospect of having it here at SUS... The body, neck and headstock are also bound in figured maple with a 3 ply black/white plastic binding. The body also features Abalone on the front and back with an abalone rosette and abalone stipes down the back binding the 3 piece Koa back together.

The Ebony fingerboard and bridge is adorned with some Gibson inspired diamond mother of pearl fret markers and a mother of pearl strip at the base of the bridge. Despite having several very deluxe cosmetic appointments, it's the wood that takes centre stage here and the Ukulele is reminiscent of some museum piece Martin Koa Soprano Ukuleles. It's just world class and our listing here does not do the artistry involved justice. To think Eiichi Sumi makes all of these Ukuleles completely by hand with traditional tools and his waiting list for instruments often stretches back years as he dedicates as much as 150 working hours to the creation of an instrument. The Ukulele comes with Gotoh Planetary geared tuners and a Sumi branded hard case.

If you ever wanted to experience the wonder and joy that someone buying a Martin may have experienced 90 years ago; I often wonder if anyone in the world can create that experience better than Eiichi Sumi with these artisan Ukuleles.

Premium Curly Koa top, back and side
3 piece back - matched Curly Koa
Abalone binding front and back with soundhole rosette and back join decoration
Turquoise headstock inlay
Gotoh Planetary Tuners
Curly Maple & 3 ply Plastic Binding throughout
White Mother of pearl Sumi script logo and bridge decoration
Turn of the century Gibson inspired fret markers
35mm Nut Width
Black Woodshell Hard Case

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