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Aquila 37C Perla Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

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The Aquila Corde 37C Perla classical guitar 6-strings are a full set of 6x replacement strings for classical guitar. These Aquila strings are created using a combination of bionylon and new nylgut. Bionylon is an eco-friendly synthetic string created by Aquila which is produced using plant-derived oils. New nylgut is used in the bass strings and are wound with high-quality silver-plated copper, which provides a high resistance to tensile stress.

The main features of the Aquila Corde 37C Perla classical guitar 6-strings include:

  • Set of 6x guitar strings
  • Normal tension
  • Tuning: E A D G B E

If you are wondering what the difference between 19C nylgut Aquila strings and these 37C bionylon string sets are - the 37C is stretchier, mellower sounding and more familiar to existing nylon guitar sets. The 19C uses super nylgut which has more projection, less stretch and a slightly mid heavy sound.

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