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Snark ST-2 Chromatic Clip on 'All Instrument' 'Super Tight' Tuner

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There is no denying that Snark completely dominated the clip on tuner market with the SN-6 and SN-2 selling more than a million tuners along the way. The ST-2 is Snark's new and improved device that continues to refine the best ukulele tuner available.

It has a great design, fantastic functionality and reliability. Snark have continued to refine the tuner with a new super tight clip and tuning software and the new display is even clearer and as always allows for more precise tuning over a wider frequency range than any other tuner before.

Fll colour LCD display
Display rotates 360 degrees
‘Stay put’ clip
Fast and deadly accurate
Tap tempo metronome
Transpose feature
Choose internal mic or high sensitivity vibration sensor
Pitch calibration 415-466 Hz
Extended frequency range to cover all instruments

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