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Snail SEU-1T Flamed Acacia Electro Tenor Ukulele w/Gigbag

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Take a look at the incredible SEU-1T flamed acacia electro tenor ukulele from Snail. We are very impressed with their new range of solid body ukuleles. 

Snail ukuleles have always been a bit of dark horse... The BHC-5 and BHC-6 series were the first of many affordable cedar/spruce ukuleles to hit the market and a few years later they had everyone queuing around the corner to get a glimpse of the S60C and S60T (with good reason)!

Now, in 2022 they are venturing into the solid body ukulele market! This particular genre of ukulele has fewer rules than most - Flight and Risa will make you sound like Jimi Hendrix but if you want a pure 'ukulele' tone, your options are to either take an acoustic instrument and put a pickup inside which has its own beneficial and negative implications for the player.

One of the best ways to create an electro ukulele is to take the best of both worlds and you get something like this. A solid mahogany body with either a flamed maple or acacia veneer top. Exactly the same way that the Gibson Les Paul was made back in the 1950s (and continues to be made) but instead of using steel strings and magnetic pickups; this ukulele uses classic uke fluorocarbon strings with an active undersaddle piezo system.

The master controls on the front of the body control the instruments overall volume (so you can turn up when you solo and turn down when you are strumming) and a tone control which sweeps the frequencies from one end to the other and can limit the amount of bass/treble etc.

The neck feels extremely comfortable with its ebony fingerboard and bridge and 35mm nut width. The machineheads are good and compared to the options on the market available over the last 10 years it really feels like Snail have learned from others mistakes. We are really impressed with these, can you tell?

Do not be put off by the marks on the black plastic - there is a removable film so there are no marks on the plastic.

Listing shows a typical example.

Tenor ukulele size with 17' scale
Flamed acacia veneer
Mahogany body
Satin finish
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
35mm nut width 28mm string spacing at nut
9v active preamp with volume/tone controls
Slot bridge
End pin jack socket (acts as a strap button)
Clear fluorocarbon high G ukulele strings
Fitted Snail gigbag

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