USED Ohana SK39 Vintage Style Solid Mahogany Soprano with Boston Gigbag

USED Ohana SK39 Vintage Style Solid Mahogany Soprano with Boston Gigbag
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A well looked after Ukulele that has been played a bit but retains a good 8/10 condition. I actually can't tell whether the feeling of wear and age comes from the Ukuleles factory relic style finish or customer wear. It feels great either way and comes strung with a new set of Aquilas and a padded Boston Gigbag.

This Used model also has a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge which has been replaced on more recent models with Ovangkol.

The secret to a decent soprano is a good, stiff and lightweight body - too much weight in the body kills the vibrations and therefore the sound is quieter. This cleverly designed model has a beautifully lightweight body, and you do notice that the sound is a bit louder than other cheaper Ohana sopranos, and other sopranos from different brands at the same price.

Modelled after the 1930s Martin Style 3M ukuleles, this cracking little soprano uke from Ohana has bundles of character, wonderful sound and vintage looks - check out the fretboard stripe and the beautiful inlay on the bottom bout. Although not reliced, they have a pronounced vintage quality to the finish in that a lot of the grain, pores and features in the wood are visible. If you want a mirror sheen gloss finish, choose something else, but if you want that vintage soprano mojo in spades at a reasonable price, with a big and bold sound this is worthy of your shortlist.

Solid Mahogany Top, Back Sides
Rosewood Fingerboard, Bridge
Mahogany headplate
Maple binding with black and white purfling
12 frets to body, 17 in total
Gotoh Friction Tuners
Aquila Strings
Bone Saddle and Nut
Vintage satin finish

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