USED Ana'Ole ATC Solid Hawaiian Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele with MiSi pickup and case

USED Ana'Ole ATC Solid Hawaiian Curly Koa Tenor Ukulele with MiSi pickup and case
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Ana'Ole means 'immeasurable' in Hawaiian and when considering the value for money it's hard not to nod my head in agreement. This ATC model features curly koa body, a gorgeous 'Kamaka-esque' abalone rosette and front and back binding. It also features an ebony fingerboard and bridge which really adds a sense of luxury to the feel of the ukulele and a bit more attack to the overall sound.

The neck is mahogany and the tuners on this model are rotomatic mini grover tuners, definitely an upgrade on 99% of the tuners Ana'ole could have used... Man I love these tuners!

The neck profile is reminiscent of other Hawaiian builds being quite chunky with a 37 mm nut width. It's incredible really that a new neck with so few hours life can feel so damn familiar and played in but all of these ukuleles do. In fact, the whole package is incredibly desirable whilst remaining considerably more affordable than the more established Hawaiian manufacturers.

In addition to the upgraded wood and fingerboard materials, this ukulele also features an abalone rosette and abalone front binding around the body. Truly deluxe appointments on an already very refined looking ukulele.

The sound is very similar to many older Kamaka ukuleles we have seen. It has real chime and presence when you play single notes and a very open slightly throaty sound when you strum a chord. This sound won't be for everyone because it isn't quite as clean and compressed as modern UV finish lacquer instruments tend to be but the traditionalists out there are going to love it.

Speaking of the finish - it is also very reminiscent of years gone by too with an almost waxy high gloss finish that reminds us of KoAloha pre-2012 or 1970's Kamaka's we have been privileged to hold in recent memory. The beauty of the ATSC model is that it really does look the part. The vintage spec cosmetic upgrades are so distinctly Hawaiian and a perfect homage to the very famous Kamaka deluxe models with abalone but at about half of the price of the real deal!

If you have dreamed of owning a Hawaiian made ukulele but are not ready to invest in some of the bigger brands then Ana'Ole is definitely worth paying attention to. I can see many customers comparing these to Pono ukuleles at a similar price and walking away with the Ana'Ole because it offers something a bit more unique with rustic charm.

This uke was purchased in summer 2020 by a lovely regular customer, who then discovered to his horror a few months later that the bridge had come away from the body while the uke was in its case. Luckily, this was just a glue failure and the separation was very clean. So, we exchanged the uke for something else, glued the bridge on good and proper (very clean job, and the bridge is going nowhere ever again!) and fitted a MiSi pickup to it to make it gig ready. The cosmetic condition is around 6.5/10 - over its short life it was loved and used a lot, and has dinks and small marks all over the top, back and sides. There are a few large dinks, one visible in the photo of the bottom bout. This uke sounds so good plugged in and acoustically - you would be getting a top quality instrument which you can take out gigging without worrying over much about putting new marks on it!

Pictures show actual instrument.

ATC model
Solid Hawaiian curly koa top, back and sides
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
37 mm nut width
Bone nut and saddle
Paua abalone rosette
Paua abalone front binding with 3 ply purfling
Sapele mahogany neck, gloss finish
Deluxe grover rotomatic tuners
Fluorocarbon high G GCEA strings
Nitro cellulose high gloss finish over open pore
Comes in a pod case

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