VTAB FS-T25 All Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with slotted headstock - free gigbag

VTAB FS-T25 All Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with slotted headstock - free gigbag
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VTAB are another new name to the Ukulele world looking to make a name for themselves with outstanding instruments at an affordable price. Indeed, the first model to turn up from them was this FS-T25 Solid Mahogany Tenor and we are very impressed.

This instrument most reminds me of a Snail SUT-M3 which we have championed as being the best thing under 300GBP and this VTAB more than deserves to be talked about in the same vein.

The instrument is very lightly built, has a very lovely slotted headstock with practical decent and lightweight Machine heads. The neck has that modern almost streamlined feel that suit most players too.

It sounds vibrant, soulful like Mahogany should but the gloss helps it feel full of life - really lovely. There is a lot to get excited about here. The Ukuleles have some smaller cosmetic imperfections which something in the next price point up like a Pono may not have but there is nothing here to get you down. A great Tenor Ukulele.

Solid Mahogany Top, Back and Sides
tiered black binding
Slotted headstock
Black walnut fingerboard and bridge
Pin bridge
Comes fitted with Clear Fluorocarbon strings
Free gigbag
Spare set of strings and cloth included by VTAB

Thank you Kanile'a for some of the most gorgeous K-1TE's we have ever had.. In the market for a slice of Hawaiian goodness? Take your pick folks...
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