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Cornerstone Custom Koa Tenor Ukulele with hard case #656-71

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This Cornerstone was originally sold by us in late 2023. The original owner has barely used it - condition is 9.8/10.

Preowned Ukuleles are only available to UK customers. Thanks Brexit!

Cornerstone instruments, built by Peter Marreiros, exist in an elite class of the very best ukulele builds. This elite, custom koa tenor ukulele is no exception. 

The quality of the worksmanship, the beauty of the designs and materials, the exquisite attention to detail and the distinct identity is matched perhaps only by Chuck Moore. The ukulele as we know it and the designs of the future from your favourite brands are indirectly or directly inspired by the work of builders like Peter, Chuck, and our very own Pete Howlett.

The work of these bespoke Luthiers, whether it's Pete Howlett, Chuck Moore, Peter Marreiros, Kawaii at Coast Ukuleles or Jung Tae at OulCraft is just as much about the design as it is the weeks of building that follows to see the vision through to fruition. We need the visionaries at the very top in Luthiery in the same way we would in engineering or fashion. It all starts with an artistic vision that eventually trickles down at a production level. 

But why is this uke so elite? Well, Peter learned to build the old fashioned way but has always embraced new building technology. His instruments take an unfathomable amount of hours to build as he tweaks the building process to make the best of each instrument. Whether it is the positioning of the bracing, the weight and depth of the finish or some old school luthier magic we don't know... each of his ukuleles is different to the next, and is painstakingly and individually voiced. A lot of people you will know and respect in the Ukulele industry ask Peter for advice or a second opinion. Speaking of the bracing, these braces are incredibly strong and thin with weight relief carved into them. They're much like the Kanile'a TRU-R system or the intricate tiny braces used right now at Ohana's US custom shop.

For example; playing the Cornerstone, I am reminded of the greatest assets of other high end instruments....KoAloha Red Label and Kanile'a come to mind but with a unique voicing that reverberates and shimmers at the top end independently of the depth and creamy sound produced by the lower notes in the chord. It is simultaneously clean and bold whilst having a maturity and gravitas to its lower register that sounds almost like an old classical guitar.

The high grade curly Hawaiian koa used is undeniably striking but somehow the Ukulele doesn't sound like a conventional Hawaiian style koa tenor ukulele. The biggest compliment you can give it is that there isn't another ukulele commonly available like it. The koa 'half sail' tribal engravings on the headstock and etched into the body itself are instantly iconic and unlike anything else we see here at SUS. That is before we mention the bevelled armrest, gorgeous side-port, abalone trim throughout the body, unique soundhole shape and abalone bound walnut rosette. 

It is undeniable... This uke sits at the head of the table for ukulele artistry, technical building and innovation. We are pround to stock Cornerstone!

Special grade curly Hawaiian koa top, back and sides
UV cured polyester gloss finish to body
Tribal themed engravings to inside
Blue paua abalone purflings to top, fretboard and headplate
Koa half sail inlay on headstock
Ebony headplate, fretboard, bindings, bridge and armrest
16" radius fretboard
Weight relief bracing, individually tuned to this ukulele
Mahogany neck, gloss finish
Granitised bone nut and saddle
Titano nylon strings with wound low G string
Gotoh SK510 geared tuners
Scale length: 17.25"
Body length: 12"/30.48cm
Overall length: 27"/68.58cm
Nut width: 38.62mm with 29.26mm G to A string spacing
String spacing at 12th fret: G to A = 36.17mm
String spacing at saddle: G to A = 42.28mm
Saddle width: 50.64mm
Lower bout width: 23.50cm
Upper bout width: 16.51cm
Lower bout depth: 7.30cm
Upper bout depth: 6.35cm
High quality Cornerstone woodshell hard case included

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