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Ukes With Alex - JAZZ-BLACK Nylon Concert/Tenor Low G Ukulele Strings w/Wound 4th

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These black nylon mono filament ukulele strings are chonky, thick sounding and designed and built in the UK by Rotosound. These strings are slightly thicker, harder and less stretchy than the long established nylon strings on the market. The set contains a silverwound low G string and the string set aims to offer a balanced, complex and sweet tone. The most 'traditional' ukulele sound out there with tonnes of added rich undertones and depth.

The ukulele market is flooded with string combinations that promise to make your uke darker, lighter, brighter, warmer, mellower and everything in between. The choice is at best spellbinding and at worst confusing. However, when you really examine it almost all ukulele strings are made from nylgut, clear or dark fluorocarbon and black or clear nylon and many of these strings do not differ greatly in gauge or texture from one manufacturer to the next.

For years I used fluorocarbon strings for fingerpicking because they required very little stretching after fitting and produced a clean, accurate note. Sure this is perfect for lots of strummers or virtuoso classical style players but the lack of stretch and elasticity can rob your instrument of a bit of depth and personality. The right clear nylon string may take a bit of time to settle on an instrument but when it does, the bright notes sound clean and open and the deeper, richer notes are full of colour and flavour.

I experimented with half a dozen of the most popular nylon strings on the market before working with UK manufacturer Rotosound to produce slightly chunkier, harder nylon treble strings. This tenor ukulele string set also includes a slightly narrower silverwound low G that can hold the rhythm without becoming muddy or boomy and without overpowering the melody you are playing with your treble strings. After 4 years, I have decided to extend the range to include some black nylon strings that offer less volume, treble and punch and a more focused, distinctly darker sound.

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