Tkitki HKC Solid Hawaiian Koa Vintage Style Concert Ukulele #330

Tkitki HKC Solid Hawaiian Koa Vintage Style Concert Ukulele #330
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This TkiTki concert ukulele is feather light in the hand and feels unburdened by modern production techniques. The semi-gloss is so thin and resonant that the wood remains open pore and incredibly resonant. The gloss does just enough to really bring out all of the quirky and sexy notes in the wood grain.

The dimensions are on the slimmer side - this ukulele is much more like its Japanese counterparts Kiwaya/Takumi/Sumi than the vintage Hawaiian brands like Kamaka. The concert does a fantastic job of balancing itself somewhere between a traditional Martin in feel and look whilst also conjuring up feelings of early Kamaka's that I have had the pleasure of handling in the past. If you want to experience a modern incarnation of the very early ukuleles that paved the way for today then this concert uke is a fantastic addition to your collection.

The sound is colourful, the bright notes are not too shrill and there is a lovely character about the lower notes that linger with lots of sustain and clarity but never overpower... for koa, its a very balanced sounding instrument.

The concert ukulele has a traditional slot bridge and the neck feels immaculate but also like somebody has spent a lifetime playing it already. if I didn't know better I would say this was an heirloom of an undiscovered high end ukulele brand of the 1920s.

TkiTki ukuleles are so intriguing to us... they're a Japanese brand that seem to have really picked up steam in their country of origin. Here in the UK, every delivery is a journey into the unknown. So far, these ukuleles have been incredibly unique from one to the other and noteworthy. The HK-abalone series is slightly paired back from the master-built Hawaiian mango ukuleles that arrived recently with extremely traditional vintage Martin influence in the build. We're seriously impressed with TkiTki ukuleles and are sure you will be too.

Be aware that because this has a light gloss over open pore finish, with no grain filler used, you may find some small pits and anomalies in the finish. They do not have the mirror finish of a Kanile'a!

Select Hawaiian koa top, back and sides
Vintage Martin style lightweight body
Gotoh gold planetary tuners
Simple traditional abalone rosette
Rosewood fingerboard
Hawaiian koa bridge
White plastic fret dots
36mm nut width
Clear Fluorocarbon High G strings
Light gloss over open pore finish
Free freestyle hard case included

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