tkitki Custom-C All Solid Curly Mango Custom Concert Ukulele made in Japan #0241

tkitki Custom-C All Solid Curly Mango Custom Concert Ukulele made in Japan #0241
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The TkiTki ukulele range is utterly fantastic - they're the most faithful replication of early Martin ukes that we have ever seen. This custom concert ukulele is hand-made in Japan using all solid curly mango. It sounds sensational, with bright highs and deep lows, while keeping that traditional uke sound.

The build quality of these concert ukuleles is traditional and eerily reminiscent of some museum grade instruments we have had the pleasure of playing. The finish is open pore and lightly glossed in such a way that the instrument feels really nicely played in.

Mango can be many things to many people as a tonewood but the sound of these ukuleles is best described as aged, smoky and a real top shelf whiskey of a uke. They offer great string tension and sustain.

Be aware that because this has a light gloss over open pore finish, with no grain filler used, you may find some small pits and anomalies in the finish. They do not have the mirror finish of a Kanile'a!

All solid curly Hawaiian mango body
Light gloss finish, with no grain filler
Ebony fretboard and bridge
383mm scale length
36mm fretboard width at nut
Bone nut and saddle
Tortoiseshell effect binding front and back
Slotted bridge
Compensated saddle
High G clear fluorocarbon strings
Gotoh UPT planetary tuners
Curly mango faceplate
Mahogany neck, light gloss finish, shallow profile
Comes in freestyle hard case

We have been thrilled with the Luthier built Ukuleles we have had over the years... Ranging from Chris Perkins to Eiichi Sumi, Bird on a Wire to Pete Howlett. Now Tkitki of Japan are part of the family... Check them out.
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