The Rebel Double Creme Tenor Ukulele All Solid Mango with gigbag #0919_01

The Rebel Double Creme Tenor Ukulele All Solid Mango with gigbag #0919_01
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Wow, wow, wow! Here at SUS we love The Rebel ukuleles. They look, sound and feel so good for the price. This is the first time we've had the full thickness body Double Creme all solid mango Tenor ukuleles in stock, and I am so impressed with the smooth, creamy, dreamy sound. It never sounds muddy though - throughout every playing style, you have a crisp and clear edge to the warm tone; a characteristic which really sets good quality solid Mango instruments apart from more traditional tonewoods like Mahogany and Acacia family. 

Unsurprisingly, the fuller body Double Creme is bassier and richer than the thinner bodied Creme Brulee models. If you want more punch and brightness, think about the Creme Brulee models, but if you want that fullness and bass response, the Double Creme has you more than covered.

The build quality is nothing short of world class - the facility in Thailand where these are made is a tightly run ship, and the head man over there knows exactly what he is doing. In fact they all do. Nice one, guys!


Standard thickness Tenor
Top, Side, Back: Mango
Scale: 17-3/32”
19-Fret Ebony fretboard, 14 frets to body
Neck: Mahogany
Nut & Saddle: TUSQ
Headplate: Mango with Rebel LogoWoods inlay
Bridge: Ebony
Fret Markers: Maple
Tuners: Gotoh Planetary Tuners
Finish: High-Gloss
Strings: Clear Fluorocarbon Low G strings
Nut width: 37mm

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