Romero Creations GT Solid Mahogany Grand Tenor Ukulele in Gigbag

Romero Creations GT Solid Mahogany Grand Tenor Ukulele in Gigbag
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It's finally here... Easily the most requested instrument this year has been the new 'conventional shaped' Romero Grand Tenor Ukuleles. Why you ask? Well it does something different and unique and in many respects is the Ukulele the world has been asking for.

It has a thin modern style neck with a wider 38mm nut width but retains the compact Romero headstock which many find comfortable behind the hand when playing chords in the first position. It has an enlarged Tenor body that much more closely resembles a Baritone Ukulele with a deep 7.8cm Body depth. Romero Creations like to describe these Ukes as having a Piano like sound and sustain and its hard to disagree because the bigger body really does create a deeper richer sound without the higher frequencies and notes suffering or getting lost in the mix.

Many of the Romero Creation models like this one are made in Vietnam and the rather unusual setting for the manufacture punctuates the unique instruments they produce. There is nothing like a Romero Creations Grand Tenor or the Tiny Tenors - they are professional instruments made for players that needed more bass, needed more volume, needed a wider fingerboard, needed an alternative. I am truly sorry it took so long to get them - It is only now I know just what we were missing out on!

What's the difference between the mahogany, koa or Mango? The Mahogany Grand Tenor is so warm sounding it makes you want to take your jumper off... It has a really accentuated bass response that makes the notes on the C string or a Low G sound suitably creamy and delicious. The balance is different too, when you strum you get a more chordal harmony than on the Koa and the single notes are not quite as loud buy sound slightly wooly. The Mahogany grand tenor is a ballad instrument for sure. The correct answer is that you should buy all three and you would have the right Grand Tenor for any situation...

Solid Koa body
Oversized Tenor body - The Grand Tenor
38mm Nut Width
Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge
Romero headstock design and geared tuners
Deeper 7.8cm Depth
Padded bag included

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