Pete Howlett Solid AA Koa "Baby Baritone" Ukulele Electro Acoustic with case

Pete Howlett Solid AA Koa "Baby Baritone" Ukulele Electro Acoustic with case
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This is a really clever instrument from Pete. Designed with a scale length half way between Tenor and Baritone at 478mm, this uke can be successfully tuned to either Tenor GCEA or Baritone DGBE tuning. Obviously, you have to change the strings, but if you want to use the same instrument for each tuning, and not have to change from one scale length and fret spacing to another, then this really is a one-stop solution.

The sound is rich and mellifluous, with clear definition to plucked notes and warmth to strummed chords. Although this instrument has a Tenor body, in Baritone tuning you still have all the volume and presence you expect from a Baritone - this is no doubt due to the clever Mr Howlett, whose experience, high quality build and expert design allows for these lovely low frequencies to flourish. And strung like a Tenor, you find that there is a real pop to the sound, which is to be expected seeing as the strings are under a little more tension than they would be at a standard Tenor scale length. In both configurations, the intonation was extremely good (ukuleles never have perfect intonation!) and made for a really beautiful playing and listening experience.

Solid AA Koa top, back and sides
Mgurure (Leadwood) fretboard, bridge and headplate
Artec UTN-3 Active Preamp installed
Snowdon logo in Abalone on headstock
Khaya Mahogany neck
Personal soundhole on top bout
Owl inlay in Abalone at 7th fret
Nut width: 35mm
Short Baritone/Long Tenor Scale length: 478mm
Tenor size body
13 frets to body, 19 in total
Endpin jack socket which takes a strap
Geared tuners with Mgurure buttons
Corian nut and saddle
Matt Cellulose finish
Baritone DGBE strings
Free Uke Crazy brown leather case with internal padding made to fit this instrument (case is in B stock condition as it came from Pete's workshop)

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