Pete Howlett Fyrefly Solidbody Korina Tenor Ukulele in bag

Pete Howlett Fyrefly Solidbody Korina Tenor Ukulele in bag
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Pete Howlett - maker of lovely things with a bit of vintage flair... sure. But he also has a fantastic history when it comes to the innovative weird and wonderfulness of solid body Ukuleles.

This classic shape known as the 'Fyrefly' (not to be confused with other incarnations of Firefly Ukes) is made by Pete in his Gwynedd workshop and this instrument has class, mojo and a timeless look with just the slightest of steampunk eccentricities in the headstock! The satin finish is great but the body has arrived with a couple of pits and scratches. We have managed to show up one in a photograph but this is to be expected from a workshop instrument and would in no way hinder somebodies enjoyment of it.

The body and headstock are made out of Korina and the fingerboard, bridge and bridge pins are made of leadwood (Mgurure). The pickup is manufactured by Artec and the homemade wood matched volume knob might as well be the metephorical cherry on top of this cool, practical and eccentric Uke/cake. Scale length is 432mm and the nut width is 35mm. It is strung with Worth BT strings.

Finally, a special shout out to the Gibson inspired side way Gotoh Planetary tuners!

..So cool.

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