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Oulcraft Custom Curly Black Walnut Baritone-Tenor Ukulele w/Hard Case #125

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Just a few short years ago, they said that the perfect baritone-tenor hybrid didn't exist... Fast forward to 2021 and the ukulele world is awash with options! They fulfil that visceral need we have for depth, colour and a throaty tone on our ukuleles.

Kanile'a were the first high end brand to do this with their curvy and wide super tenor shape. They gave us an instrument with a deeper, richer sound with the harmonic richness of koa. Millar and UK builder Chris Perkins have also made jumbo tenors for those that want a slice of the good life but a truly baritone-tenor high end hybrid is practically unheard of. Jungtae at Oulcraft listened to our cries and requests for him to build us a hybrid and sure enough it is finally here.

Number #125 is a high grade walnut bari-tenor ukulele from OulCraft. Walnut is not used that often in Ukulele manufacturing but it is a popular choice from Bass Guitarists for its unique tonal depths. Put simply; this ukulele absolutely loves being fed bass frequencies and sings confidently, comfortable and clearly in GCEA offering up an almost classical guitar like tone with less of the 'snappiness' and more of the quite assured richness.

The fingerboard is the first instrument (won't be the last) made of royal blackwood which is a torrefied version of purple heart wood. With high quality ebony in short supply or being used under seasoned; this baked purple heart wood offers up just the right amount of hardness and the instrument feels really responsive to the touch. The rosewood bridge is a tonal choice as well as it adds some warmth to the overall sound of the uke. Also, Jungtae very cleverly lines the sides of many of his instruments with Spruce to increase projection... Proof that what is going on out of site can make the things you can see even more sonically impactful.

This hybrid ukulele is covered front and back with a curly maple binding and a matching rosette. The ukulele itself looks out of this world with some gorgeous tones to the colour in different lights. You might say its a plus size supermodel!

Curly black walnut top, back and sides
Spanish cedar neck
Ebony faceplate
Royal blackwood fingerboard
Indian rosewood bridge
Maple binding and rosette
X bracing
36mm Nut Width
28mm String spacing at Nut
Overall Length 73cm
Bone nut and saddle
Gotoh UK-700 tuners
Urethane gloss finish
Strung with D'Addario Ej99T & NYL031W Low G GCEA
Supplied in a TGI tweed baritone hard case

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