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OulCraft Custom #100 Port Orford Cedar/Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Cherry Sunburst

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The absolutely unique, pristine and inspiring tenor uke you are looking at right now is an Oulcraft ukulele. Remember the name because OulCraft ukuleles offer something at the high end that really pushes the boundaries of what you can expect from the ukulele.

Using modern production methods these tenor ukuleles compete and learn from all of the hard work many of the very best Japanese and US builders have been producing throughout the last decade. When I hold these instruments I am reminded of Kanile'a, aNueNue and TODA whilst also getting a fair amount of the flavours and sensibilities of the best smaller workshop outfits like Sumi, Barron River and Pete Howlett.

OulCraft comprise a husband and wife dream team duo builder and designer. Jungtae (the luthier) set up the Oul studio in 2011 having worked previously in Japan building custom acoustic guitars for T's Guitars. He trained under the extremely talented Shinji Takahashi known for Seilen ukuleles.

The unique design element of the OulCraft ukuleles is down to Jungtae's wife Seoyoon who has an extensive design history in a wide variety of industries. The synergy that this team create is extremely refreshing, a family approach with a mixing bowl of excellent design ideas, a wealth of craftsmanship experience and modern techniques. We are delighted to be Europe's first OulCraft dealer and to be able to join them on a new voyage of ukulele design as the company hits it's second decade.

This beauty was inspired in no small part by a Gibson Hummingbird styled tenor from the master Sumi Kobo that we had a few years ago. We loved that uke and it is still played and loved daily in the collection in which it found itself, but we were absolutely intrigued to know what Jungtae and his team could do with the concept.

The result is fragrantly beautiful. Without being a slavish imitation, there is a nod to the block fretboard inlays, with the offset cut in the 12th fret marker, and that beautiful scratchplate with the MOP and abalone inlays.

The port orford cedar and mahogany combine to make a harmonically rich and complex sound, with a harp like ring, especially in the mid range, but with definition and clarity at all times. As with all OulCraft ukes, you'll want to play up the neck and benefit from the world class intonation and the sheer presence and sustain that you can achieve up at the dusty end. This is a world class player's instrument in every respect.

Solid port orford cedar top
Solid flamed mahogany back and sides, red stain
Spanish cedar/maple 3 ply neck, satin finish
37mm nut width, 28mm G to A string spacing
17" scale length
Bone nut and saddle
Water borne urethane gloss finish
Gotoh UK700 tuners
Side soundport
Radiused ebony fretboard
MOP fretboard dots
Worth CT high G strings
Indian rosewood scratchplate with inlaid design in MOP and abalone

Please note: no wax based cleaning products should be used on this finish. Polish which does not contain any wax, like Lizard Spit, will work really well.

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