Millar CD-240W Solid Red Cedar & Bolivian Rosewood Concert Ukulele #0421_01

Millar CD-240W Solid Red Cedar & Bolivian Rosewood Concert Ukulele #0421_01
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The CD-240W concert uke is the latest in a seemingly endless line of breath-taking Millar ukuleles! This particular beauty has a beautifully figured dark red cedar top and some lovely straight grain rosewood back and sides.

Cedar and rosewood are basically the Justice League of wood pairings, they go together like peas and carrots, the cedar has a clear sound with depth, personality and warmth and the back and sides offer projection and crispness.

If you are a finger picker, the spruce and cedar top Millar ukuleles would compete convincingly against more well known brands that are considerably more money. If you a strummer, its loud enough that you can tickle the strings and still hear the subtle nuances of each note... I mean it, I want one... If you won't buy it will you buy it for me? I promise to be good!

The binding is a sandwich of maple/rosewood accompanied by figured maple and is heavily inspired by early Nunes ukuleles of the late 1800s. The whole thing about Millar is that they are kind of like the world best kept secret... This is another example of a ukulele that for the money defies any words I can use to describe it.

Finally, the fingerboard is rosewood like they made 'em in the good old days and the nut width is 35mm - the neck starts off slim but feels more and more Hawaiian as you move up the neck.

The instrument pictured is the actual instrument you will receive.

Solid red cedar top
Solid Bolivian rosewood back and sides
Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Worth Brown strings (high G)
35mm nut width
Maple/rosewood 'Nunes' binding and rosette
Maple outer binding
Geared tuners

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