Marshall Stapleton Tenor Ukulele All Solid Wood Red Cedar Top with pod case

Marshall Stapleton Tenor Ukulele All Solid Wood Red Cedar Top with pod case
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Stunning new design by Marshall! One of the most underrated uke builders in the UK, his ukuleles always sound absolutely tremendous. This one has a solid Western Red Cedar top, and solid Amazakue back and sides, which combine to give it an immediate, full sound full of character. There is huge sustain and very pretty harmonics in abundance here as well, really beautiful and luscious. The sound is shaped in no small part by the narrow waisted design, which we feel gives the sound a little more prominence in the mid range and trebles.

All of Marshall's instruments, although very well made, have some cosmetic marks. To spend lots more time finishing the instrument to a mirror gleam would add significantly to the cost, so Marshall applies a light finish and allows the character of the wood and the building process to shine through, and keeps the price more reasonable.

A scratch plate has been fitted, as Cedar is quite a soft wood and with a Satin finish will mark very quickly under normal playing conditions. This scratch plate could be removed if required, but we recommend that you keep it on, as it does not affect the sound at all. 

If you play with your ears instead of your eyes, then you will be rewarded with a real workhorse of a ukulele that sounds simply fabulous strummed or plucked.


Solid Western Red Cedar top, back and sides
Solid Amazakue back and sides
Sapele neck
Yew fretboard
Savarez strings
Satin finish
Open backed geared Grover machine heads
Ebony nut, saddle and bridge
Mahogany binding to top
Scratch plate fitted to top
Hand made in Dorset, using some recycled woods
Free SUS pod case

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