Marshall Stapleton - Short Neck Baritone/Jumbo Tenor Ukulele Sinker Redwood/Acacia (GCEA tuning)

Marshall Stapleton - Short Neck Baritone/Jumbo Tenor Ukulele Sinker Redwood/Acacia (GCEA tuning)
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Several months back, Marshall Stapleton popped into SUS for a catch up and left the shop with innovation on his mind. Over the years our customers have seemingly been searching for something out of reach or perhaps not quite possible until now. So... A jumbo Tenor isn't anything new but a thick Baritone shaped body with a Tenor neck really is as adaptable as you might hope. This instrument was designed for those players tuning their Baritone GCEA and long for the familiarity of standard Ukulele tuning but want the deeper Baritone tone.

This instrument comes tuned GCEA with a wound Fremont Low G to really accentuate the desired lower tone of this big body but in the interest of trial and error, this Ukulele can handle the GHS Tenor-DGBE strings if you want to make it a short neck Baritone instead. The sound is great for fingerpicking with some lovely ring to it and if you are a strummer - this is the kind of Uke you let ring out and hard rhythm playing probably wouldn't get the best out of it. We are proud to have something made right here on the south coast of England that a professional player could really utilise and expand their horizons with. Well done Marshall!

As with most of the Ukuleles we receive from Marshall the wood combination is a bit quirky but lends itself to the slightly mellower sound we have been looking for with this Uke. The Sinker Redwood top is a lovely milk chocolatey almost Mahogany colour and this very lightly stained Australasian Acacia mellows out the darker lower notes this Ukulele is designed to bellow. The neck is made from reclaimed Sapaele and Marshall has decided on a Walnut fingerboard and Ebony bridge for both of the Ukes in this collection. The finish on Marshalls Ukulele is incredibly light and the instruments do arrive and leave us with small inconsistencies in the finish and small scratches that shine up under bright light. Do not be deterred by these - Marshalls Ukuleles are made by one man in his workshop at home and a more refined perfect finish could very well double the price of the instrument and perhaps even have adverse effects on the lovely sound.

Top: Sinker Redwood
Back & Sides: Australasian Acacia
Fingerboard: English Walnut
Bridge: Ebony
Rosette: Maple
Strung with D'Addario EJ99T and a Fremont Soloist Low G
Geared Tuners
Comes in a Baritone Pod Case
35mm Nut Width
430mm Scale Length

Thank you Kanile'a for some of the most gorgeous K-1TE's we have ever had.. In the market for a slice of Hawaiian goodness? Take your pick folks...
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