Maestro UCMRSBG All Solid German Spruce/Madagascar Rosewood Concert Ukulele in Hard Case

Maestro UCMRSBG All Solid German Spruce/Madagascar Rosewood Concert Ukulele in Hard Case
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Maestro are a Ukulele brand that we have heard much about over the past 5 years. The reviews from friends of the shop and other music store colleagues were all the same; Unique, Contemporary looking instruments designed to sound good, feel good and with a nice smattering of bling throughout.
The bling might not be for everybody but the practical appointments like an offset side-port sound hole, Bevelled arm rest and a satin finished neck with high gloss bodies make this a worthy contender to join anyones prized Ukulele collection.

The UCMRSBG won't win any awards for its catchy name - I'd call it something flashy like the 'Red Herring' (The inlay is actually of Koi Carp, I jest). But oh boy does it have a lovely punchy sound to it! If you play Concert Ukuleles and you want something that can handle single note fingerpicking like a classical guitar or you strum in a group with several louder players and can't hear yourself then look no further.

This Maestro concert has a Solid German Spruce top which shows some slightly holographic grain as you turn it into the light. German Spruce is also known for being loud but with some warmth and our experiences with it on any Ukulele has always been some lovely natural compression when you play hard that balances all four strings to ring at the same volume.

The Solid Madagascan Rosewood back and sides are a rare treat these days too working in harmony wonderfully with the Spruce to give you one of the loudest, clearest and creamiest concert Ukuleles on the block.. This Ukulele could only be improved further by changing the Aquila strings for some Fluorocarbon but experimenting with the sound as you get to know your instrument is part of the fun.

The cosmetic appointments are also made of a lovely strip of the same Rosewood.

SHAPE | Concert
SOUNDBOARD | Solid German Spruce
BACK & SIDES | Solid Madagascar Rosewood
FEATURES | Soundport and Beveled Armrest
BRACING | Quarter Sawn Sitka Spruce
LINING | Solid Lining
BINDING | Rosewood with Wooden Lines
NECK | Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods
BRIDGE | Ebony

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