Maestro UCIRSBC All Solid Western Red Cedar and Indian Rosewood Concert Ukulele in Hard Case

Maestro UCIRSBC All Solid Western Red Cedar and Indian Rosewood Concert Ukulele in Hard Case
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Maestro are a Ukulele brand that we have heard much about over the past 5 years. The reviews from friends of the shop and other music store colleagues were all the same; Unique, Contemporary looking instruments designed to sound good, feel good and with a nice smattering of bling throughout.
The bling might not be for everybody but the practical appointments like an offset side-port sound hole, Bevelled arm rest and a satin finished neck with high gloss bodies make this a worthy contender to join anyones prized Ukulele collection.

This model - The UCIRSBC (catchy name award winner 2018) is part of Maestro's Island series which means it is covered in bling and ready to sing! Not many Ukuleles have the magical classical guitar combination of Cedar and Rosewood which is a shame because the depth, clarity and volume you get from this wood combo are perfect for a solo player or somebody with an ear for dynamics.

The Solid Western Red Cedar has the lovely straight grain and the gloss finish excentuates this wood perfectly.. With great tonal woods like Cedar come great responsibility though as Cedar has a tendency to bruise easily, even under a gloss finish so potential owners remember to cut your fingernails. We do sell scratchplates that can offer some protection.

The Indian Rosewood back and sides reflect wonderfully off of such a vibrant top like Cedar although I did notice that the side sound port on this instrument offers less volume than on the models a Spruce or Acacia top. Perhaps the Cedar soaks up some of the sound rattling around inside the body.. Not a bad thing, but something worth making a note of.

SHAPE | Concert
SOUNDBOARD | Solid Western Red Cedar
BACK & SIDES | Solid Indian Rosewood
FEATURES | Soundport and Beveled Armrest Rosewood
BRACING | Quarter Sawn Sitka Spruce
LINING | Solid Lining
BINDING | Rosewood with Wooden Lines
NECK | Khaya Mahogany with Carbon Fiber Rods
BRIDGE | Ebony

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