Lo Prinzi LP-AM-C Model A Mahogany Concert Ukulele #5061

Lo Prinzi LP-AM-C Model A Mahogany Concert Ukulele #5061
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The Lo Prinzi's are a very talented family. Augustino Lo Prinzi has been making high end and bespoke instruments for 60 years out of his Florida workshop and his youngest daughter Donna has been sharing the workspace and building quite frankly world class Ukuleles for the past 23 years herself. Talent must be hereditary after all, thats a lot of love and shared experience to put into your instruments right there.

The Lo Prinzi Ukuleles we have encountered are built very lightly and have a very traditional and pure warm, soulful Ukulele sound. This more subtle looking Model A Honduran Mahogany Concert has a satin finish, Ebony fingerboard and bridge and some stylish aesthetic appointments like the maple and walnut strip that runs up the length of the back of the neck and continues down the front of the headstock under the decal.

My favourite thing about the Lo Prinzi concerts is the very thin neck profile with classic Martin style 35mm nut. If you are a fan of Martin, Gibson and the more vintage style Concert instruments dating back 60 years or more then this instrument has all of the vibe one might expect from that kind of instrument.

I played this Concert at the NAMM show in January and it blew me away, I suddenly understood why Lo Prinzi Ukes have been so hard to come by in previous years.. We don't get too many of these and each one warrants the word 'Special'.

Honduran Mahogany top back and sides
Maple/Walnut stripe
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Friction tuner
35mm nut width
Made in Clearwater, Florida USA

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