KoAloha KCM-02 Solid Hawaiian Koa Super Concert (Tenor Neck/Concert Body) 1119_01

KoAloha KCM-02 Solid Hawaiian Koa Super Concert (Tenor Neck/Concert Body) 1119_01
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This is one of the original super concerts ukuleles. KoAloha know just about everything there is to know about ukulele and make stunning hybrid instruments. The super concert is one of those particular curiosities which needs the delicate touch of the world's best. They've really brought out the best things of both their concert and tenor ukuleles.

The KCM-02 has a concert body but with the extended neck creating a 17'' scale length. This extended scale length gives the player a bit more room for manoeuvring around the fingerboard but also adds a bit of tension, depth and snap to the overall sound. A normal concert can often sound slightly thinner than a tenor and most assume that this is because of the bigger body... It is only when you play a super concert that you realise how much the extended neck scale length adds to the overall vibe and mojo of an instrument.

Perhaps inspired by the success of The Rebel super concerts this year; we are delighted to see KoAloha bring back the super concert. It's been four years since we last saw a new one and with so much time passing it can become easy to forget just how much KoAloha popularised this size in the first place.

Solid Hawaiian koa body
Ebony fretboard and bridge
17'' tenor scale length neck
15 frets to body, 20 in total
37mm nut width
Abalone dots and headstock inlay
Sapele neck
Tusq nut and saddle
Clear fluorocarbon high G strings
Comes in an Ohana UCH-24L long neck concert hard case

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