Kiwaya KC-1G Eco Series Laminate Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Kiwaya KC-1G Eco Series Laminate Mahogany Concert Ukulele
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Although this is the entry level concert model in the Kiwaya eco-laminate range, your ears would be hard pushed to know! The Kiwaya concert ukulele sounds absolutely fantastic.

As there many types and grades of solid wood tops for ukuleles, so there are many types of laminate woods as well. Some, which are thicker and softer can sound quite quiet, and a bit muddy. And others, like those on the Eco series, are thinner, harder and super light - which means that they are better at making a clean sound, capable of great expressive range.

The holy grail of a ukulele body is lightness and stiffness, to avoid soaking up the vibrations generated by the strings; these ukes are super light, and super stiff - so you have a beautiful sounding , laminate instrument!

You will appreciate this specifically if you travel a lot. You don't have to worry about humidity and temperature issues with the Kiwaya concert, which would trouble anyone with a solid wood ukulele. The eco series offers the player a very decent tone, top quality build, and the ability to sleep easily at night - in the jungle, the desert or anywhere inbetween.

No gigbag is included, but they are a standard concert size and as such will fit into any of the hard cases or gigbags we sell.

Eco-laminate mahogany body
Mahogany neck
Walnut fretboard
Mahogany bridge
14 frets to body, 17 in total
37mm nut width
Open backed machine heads
Clear fluorocarbon strings (High G)
Compensated saddle

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