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Kanile'a 'Manako' Solid Hawaiian Curly Mango Concert Ukulele w/Armrest #25820 - last one ever

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This Kanile'a manako concert ukulele was voted 2nd in our top 10 ukuleles of 2020. You can hear the exact concert ukulele we have available in the video below.

This is one of the last batch of Manako ukes to be made, as finding enough high quality mango to complete the production runs was too challenging. So, grab one while you can.

The Kanile'a manako series (manako means mango in Hawaiian) is the long awaited second collaboration between Kanile'a and the Southern Ukulele Store. Following the unprecedented success of the Alaskan cedar/mahogany SUS range of ukes; Alex from SUS and Kaimana Souza at Kanile'a began making notes on where the ukulele trends were going next.

They looked at what tonewoods customers were resonating with both in store and via our YouTube comparison videos as well as which of the custom shop Kanile'a models we collaborated on in 2019 had really captured peoples imagination.

The answers to almost all of these questions has been mango wood. A Hawaiian wood with many of the favourite attributes of koa but with hidden depths and character which make each one unique.

There will always be people out there that associate Hawaiian made ukuleles with koa and they are spoiled for choice. But, many of the staff here at SUS felt that one particular Kanile'a custom mango model that came and left quickly last year was up there with the very best ukuleles we had ever had here at SUS.

After speccing up what was to be a special signature ukulele for Alex; we discovered that Kanile'a had enough of this lovely figured mango to build a collection and it was decided that a whole Manako range needed to be born.

As previously mentioned, the manako range takes influence from Kanile'a most popular premium models the KSR-T, KCS-C and KCS-B but switches the wood combinations from koa to high grade figured Mango. Each size will have a slotted headstock with slimline Gotoh stealth tuners, a specially designed mango armrest and several unique cosmetic details such as side facing mango fret markers and a hand drawn manako inlay.

The concert ukulele size features the popular lightweight curvy crown slotted headstock and stealth tuners with a special faded red mango inspired 'manako' script inlay at the 12th fret.

What does it sound like?

Well, please do give our video on the manako range a listen with some headphones in and judge it for yourself... If we had to describe it; I'd say it sounds creamy and thick but highly refined too. It doesn't have the signature bite of a spruce top or the scooped out mid range of koa or acacia but instead it has individual clarity between each note and an almost brandy like smoothness when you listen to chords ring out... Yes, we designed it but 'man - it really has lived up to our expectations and then some.

Pictures show actual instrument.

Solid Hawaiian curly mango body
Curly mango armrest
Curly mango custom dots and K logo
UV gloss finish
South American mahogany neck (satin finish)
38mm nut width with 29mm G to A string spacing
15" concert scale
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
Custom Manako logo (orange dyed epoxy resin)
Gotoh stealth tuners
Crown headstock
Kanile'a deluxe gigbag
High G fluorocarbon strings

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