Kanile'a K-3 TE Deluxe Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele w/Hard Case #20338

Kanile'a K-3 TE Deluxe Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele w/Hard Case #20338
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What an instrument! Bold and strident when you want it to be, sweet and melodic when you want it to be, and every step between. Forget the stunning looks for now, the sound is what it is all about. Joe Souza's dedication to getting the very best sound out of Koa is nothing short of legendary - the redesigned TRU-R touch and release bracing system helps every vibration from the strings to move the top for longer, giving each note huge room to sustain. It also means that you can get great amounts of "light and shade" in your playing - you notice that when fingerpicking just a slight tickle of a string gives you an immediate and satisfying response, and equally when you strum fiercely each note is perfectly weighted in attack, prominence and sustain, making the chord very clear and unmuddy, even when strung with a Low G, or played with vigour up the neck. You have to love Kanile'a and their 38mm nut width too; perfect for us sausage fingered players out there, but comfy for everyone.

It sounds great, it looks great, it plays great - I bet all of the other Ukuleles are jealous!

Deluxe Curly Koa Body
Ebony Fret Board and Bridge
TRU-R bracing system
Tortoise binding front and back
Wood inlay Rosette
Sand inlay position dots
South American mahogany neck
Rounded back
Bridge Pins
Chrome Geared Grover Tuner Keys
UV Gloss finish
38mm nut width
17" scale length
Kanile'a Hard Case
Aquila Super Nylgut Strings

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