Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 Acacia Super Tenor Ukulele

Kanile'a Islander A-ST-4 Acacia Super Tenor Ukulele
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Kanile'a have perfected the super tenor ukulele... Whether it's Hawaiian legend Willie Kay with his famous super tenor 5 string (technically a super, super tenor) or one of the more modern diamond ukuleles that we adore here at SUS; we know one thing is for sure. A super tenor is the perfect option for those that want the biggest possible sound from a GCEA instrument as possible.

What is a super tenor? I'm glad you asked because nearly everyone I meet who tries one has the same question. Kanile'a super tenor's are a tenor ukulele with a larger body and wider lower bout width. They usually retain the 17'' tenor neck but the body more resembles a baritone ukulele.

The overall tone has it's own personality that is thinner and less boomy than a baritone but a bit darker than the average tenor. The A-ST-4 is Kanile'a Islander's first foray into producing an affordable super tenor and it's just great. Whether you are a beginner wanting a larger body uke to sing along with or a seasoned player looking for a new sound without breaking the bank, this is the perfect solution.

Pictures show a good average example. This model is very consistent looking, but if you would like to see photos of actual stock, please drop us a line.

Top: Laminate acacia
Back and sides: Laminate acacia
Neck: Okume
Fingerboard: Walnut, 19 frets
Inserts: ABS dots
Nut: NuBone
Width at nut: 38mm (1 1/2")
Scale length: 432 mm (17")
Bridge: Black walnut, with black ABS pins
Total length: 667 mm (26.3")
Maximum width between upper sides: 171 mm (6.73")
Maximum width between lower sides: 265 mm (10.4")
Maximum width between sides: 150 mm (5.9")
Body thickness: 70 mm (2.8") to 75 mm (3")
Rosette: Abalone sticker
Body binding: Black ABS (top and back)
Fingerboard binding: Black ABS
Machine heads: Metal, cream-coloured knobs
Strings: Aquila
Colour: Natural
Finish: Satin

Note: The Islanders are a fantastic choice at this particular price point but they do suffer from cosmetic flaws and small finish defects like other Chinese made production instruments. We do our best to capture major issues but you may find some small imperfections on close inspection that cannot be avoided.

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