Kanile'a Custom Solid Curly Mango Tenor Ukulele with Hard Case #20709

Kanile'a Custom Solid Curly Mango Tenor Ukulele with Hard Case #20709
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Welcome to the family! Another new custom model produced for us here at SUS by Kanile'a.

This was requested by us not long after this years NAMM show where we discussed with Kanile'a how popular Mango had become as a tonewood in recent years. Whether it's a Pono, Romero Creations, Big Island or even a KoAloha or Da Silva - Mango Ukuleles seem to have really captured the imagination of budding Ukulele players out there. Kanile'a have produced a couple of custom instruments for customers with some Mango fittings and features but having played this instrument now and admired it for several hours - I am gobsmacked that Kanile'a do not use Mango more often. This thing is just so special - it's impossible to find the words.

The body is some super figured Curly Mango. It sings so beautifully - It sings like the best Hawaiian Koa Ukuleles do with a slightly warmer bottom end on the C string. We have only heard it with the factory Aquila strings but already this instrument sounds aged, developed and distinguished. The thick abalone rosette and deluxe abalone fret markers, headstock inlay and even side dots just make this Ukulele look every bit the premium instrument it is. This ukulele is operating on a different wave length to the other dynamic custom Ukes that arrived with it, it is just a bit richer and creamier. The perfect companion for someone that loves the Hawaiian sound and all of the positive tonal possiblities of Koa but with a unique look.

Solid Curly Mango Body
Thick Abalone Rosette, fret markers, position dots and headstock logo
Ebony fingerboard and bridge
38mm Nut width
Kanile'a Crown slotted headstock
Gotoh Stealth tuners
UV High Gloss Body
Silk neck finish
Kanile'a Hard Case

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