Kamaka HP-1L Hawaiian Koa Long Neck Soprano Pineapple Ukulele with Hard Case #190322

Kamaka HP-1L Hawaiian Koa Long Neck Soprano Pineapple Ukulele with Hard Case #190322
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No need to explain the history and tradition of Kamaka instruments, other than to say that since 1916 they've been making seriously beautiful instruments. They're very, very good at it.

Their HP-1 soprano (sometimes known as a Standard Pineapple) is a cracking little uke with a big voice and a bigger character that feels more akin to the Concert than a Soprano and that popular has proven to be so popular here at SUS over the years that we decided on this occasion to custom order the HP-1L which has a Concert neck and scale length whilst sticking with the pineapple shape body. It's a precision bit of kit, with compensation to bring the intonation into line further up the fretboard.

It is a clever trick to pull off, and one that all the Big K brands manage with their soprano/concerts: how to make such a small soprano size body ring with such volume and for so long. Like most smaller Hawaiian made Ukes this is featherweight light, and made with such skill and precision that all the vibrations of the strings are translated into sound. In the hand the light body and the slender neck make it an absolute joy to hold and play. Kamaka are the originators of the Pineapple Ukulele design and it is a joy to hold and see one that is both understated and yet exhudes such a confident sound reflective of the brands history.

And when it hits your eardrums the sound is rich, full, complex and smooth, with very pretty harmonics and a mellow tone. This could be tweaked a bit brighter by a different choice of strings, but it sounds so beautiful the way it is........this is down to your personal preference and a Kamaka with Kamaka's black nylon strings is a very distinctly Hawaiian sleepy/dream sounding Ukulele.

Premium Solid Hawaiian Koa Body
Rosewood Fret Board and Bridge
Mahogany neck
18 frets
Semi gloss finish
Planetary Geared tuners
35mm nut width
Bone nut and saddle
Kamaka strings
Kamaka hard case included

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