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Kala NSL-KOA-T Tenor Revelator Ukulele Master Grade Hawaiian Koa in gigbag #36880823

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Wow! The revelator design has been successfully passed over to Kala by Pete Howlett, and what a superb job they have done with this, our first Kala revelator tenor ukulele. It sounds every bit as good as one of Pete's, and feels and looks the part too.

Pete has always described the revelator as an 'acoustic anomaly'. Basically, he means that it has no right sounding as good as it does acoustically. If you have never heard a revelator before you might see the slimline body and assume that there is going to be no acoustic volume or projection. And you wouldn't be more wrong! It is loud, lively and characterful, with a fuller tone than it has a right to make.

In the hand, it is so light (without ever feeling fragile), because it is not a solid body instrument. The body is routed out before the top is glued to it, so very clever acoustic chambers are created which pump out this supernaturally rich and vibrant sound. And when you plug it in, you'll notice a very high quality sound through the installed passive piezo pickup.

This limited edition master grade Hawaiian koa model comes with a gorgeous highly figured koa top, producing a sweeter more harp like sound than the standard korina models. It also features a koa leaf headstock inlay adorned in Australian gold leaf. Gorgeous!

Finally, we decided to restring this instrument with a set of Uke Logic H-SW4-P strings which seemed to suit it more than the factory Worth and dual wound combination. Of course, you may choose to string it differently but for us we felt it was a better match on what was already an heirloom quality master built ukulele.

Pictures show the actual instrument you will receive.

Master grade koa body
UV cured satin finish
Ebony fretboard and bridge
Corian nut and saddle
36mm nut width
Uke Logic super carbon pink trebles
Wound fremont Soloist Low G
Passive piezo pickup
Australian gold leaf koa leaf inlay
Mother of pearl fretboard and headstock inlay
1.4375 inch body depth
435mm scale length
30mm padded gigbag

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