Gold Tone Little Gem Light Up Concert Banjo Ukulele - Amethyst (Purple)

Gold Tone Little Gem Light Up Concert Banjo Ukulele - Amethyst (Purple)
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The Banjo-Ukulele market has definitely just changed for the better.. This fantastically priced, contemporary looking instrument is the talk of the town here at SUS. It sounds like some other Concert Banjo Ukuleles twice its price and although George Formby might not have approved (we'll never know... he might have loved it) - The Gold Tone Gem's are fun to look at, fun to play and sound great.

This Light-up version is great fun. The fitted LED lights have 3 modes; On, Sound Activated and Pulse. If there is a better visual way to accentuate your strumming strokes than the Sound Activated mode, I've yet to see it! There is a mini USB port next to the light control button on the heel joint.

Concert Size
Rim: 8" acrylic
Tension hoop: Flat bar
Brackets: 12
Head: 8" Clear
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple, 18 frets
Fingerboard inlays: Dots and star
Nut width: 34.9 mm (1 3/8")
Bridge: Maple with ebony cap
Tailpiece: EZ-string
Binding: Black ABS
Tuners: Sealed, guitar-style, with metal buttons
Tuning: G-C-E-A
Included: Bag
Plating: Chrome
Nylgut Strings
USB rechargeable batteries powering lights

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