Chris Perkins All Solid Spruce/Walnut Tenor Ukulele in case

Chris Perkins All Solid Spruce/Walnut Tenor Ukulele in case
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This is quite a stunning instument from a very talented man, Chris Perkins. We've been blown away by the level of skill and craftsmanship on show here - this instrument is easily the match of some much more expensive models from better known names.

Quite apart from the build quality and its stunning looks, it is a joy on the ears. Hard to describe in words, but the tone is almost like a Piano at times when strummed hard, and like a harp when plucked. It has a fabulous expressive range, going from extreme quiet to vibrant loudness with ease, and no loss of clarity at all. And as Chris demonstrates, it intonates really beautifully up the neck, and sounds strong with no loss of sustain or volume. What you do not really get from the video is the achingly pretty harmonics in the sound, which are a testament to top quality build quality and materials. This thing is just done RIGHT!


European Spruce top
High Figures European Walnut back and sides 
Rocklite Sundari faux rosewood binding
Walnut fretboard with aluminium inlays as position markers front and side
Rockline Sundari faux rosewood fretboard binding
Brazilian Cedar neck
Bubinga Headstock, Heelcap and Gussett
Walnut bridge with rosewood side inlays and ebony saddle 
Ebony bridge pins with Abalone shell inlays 
Grover tuners
Ebony nut (38 mm width)
17 inch Tenor scale length
Spray satin finish 
Worth fluorocarbon high g strings

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