Chris Perkins All Solid African Amazique Tenor Ukulele in case

Chris Perkins All Solid African Amazique Tenor Ukulele in case
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Wow, wow, wow. Quite an astonishing ukulele from Chris Perkins we have here. Solid Amazique all round (you may know it as Ovangkol or Shedua) makes for a rich sound, most like Mahogany on the spectrum, which goes on and on with impressive sustain. In the hand, the wider neck and the reasonably tall frets make it feel like a KoAloha KTM series - which is most definitely high praise indeed!

The trick to making a ukulele sing is to make it as stiff and light as possible. When you hold one of Chris' instruments, you appreciate just how brilliantly they achieve this.  This one resonates and sustains as well as any top class super expensive instrument I have heard, intonates near perfectly all the way up the neck, with no obvious dead spots and projection aplenty, even up at and past the 12th fret.

But - make your own mind up! Chris recorded this demo for you to show just what it can do. Enjoy!


All Solid Quilted and Flamed Amazique (aka Ovangkol or Shedua) top, back and sides
17 inch Tenor scale
13 frets to body, 19 in total
Black Walnut bridge with Ebony inlays and bridge pins
Brazilian Cedar neck
Rocklite Ebano fretboard with Amazique binding
Titanium allow fretboard inlays
Brazilian Tiger wood heel cap, gussett and headstock veneer
Ebony nut, 38mm 
Ebony saddle
Gotoh Planetary tuners
Worth CT strings
Satin finish
SUS pod case

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