Blackbird Farallon Tenor Ukulele "Ekoa" composite body Sideport

Blackbird Farallon Tenor Ukulele "Ekoa" composite body Sideport
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Named for the Islands off the coast of San Francisco, Farallon is the first tenor crafted from Ekoa, a high-performance material made of natural linen fiber and bioresin.

Farallon’s unique soundboard is lighter than wood and tuned for a powerful vintage tone. This ecological composite is structurally superior to vintage old-growth wood, and is temperature and humidity stable. The rugged hollow neck one-piece structure enhances projection providing you with unmatched dynamics and the ultimate playing experience.

This beauty resonates quite like no other Ukulele we have ever played. It is clean, crisp with very distinct highs and lows. This instrument sits at the top table with all of the Tenors from other specialist Ukulele manufacturers. You really outdid yourselves Blackbird - well done.

Many of you asked after our first batch was delivered about the optional Aluminium fret dots. I can confirm this batch of Farallon Ukuleles come with these as standard.

Construction Ekoa® natural linen composite
Top Ekoa® bi-directional double top
Fretboard Width at 12 Fret 1.75 in (44.45 mm)
Fretboard Width at Nut 1.4 in (35.51mm)
Neck material Ekoa® natural linen composite
Bridge Material Micarta
Neck Shape C Shape
Neck Reinforcement Static truss Rod
Bridge String Spacing 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
Saddle Micarta
Nut Material Graphtech
Fretboard Material Micarta
Tuning Machines Gotoh UPT
Headstock Ekoa® Natural linen
Headplate Ekoa® bi-directional
Case Ballistic Nylon Gig Bag
Scale Length 17 in (431.8 mm)
Finish Satin
Dimensions 26.5 in x 9.35 in x 3.25 in
Weight 1.3 lbs (0.5 Kilos)
Number of Frets Clear 14
Number of Frets Total 19

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