B-Stock Kala Elite - Salt and Pepper finish Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele in case #1699-0318

B-Stock Kala Elite - Salt and Pepper finish Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele in case #1699-0318
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Believe it or not, we have been waiting for this instrument since June 2016 after falling in love with a Salt and Pepper Tenor we received at the Ukulele festival of Great Britain that sold before it made the it to the website... Our most recent delivery also saw a Concert and Baritone version of this model arrive, come and go within 24 hours. It has felt like we have been waiting for the four Tenors we ordered forever and a day. Imagine our surprise when Kala declared the Salt and Pepper Ukuleles were too difficult to make the way they would like and that the Tenor you are viewing now would be arriving first of the four as what they considered B-Stock.

So here we are, why is it B-Stock you ask? Two reasons that we can see. The first is the small darker patches in the finish where the rubbed back grain didn't quite corrolate to create a black and white finish. The crazy thing is, these just make the instrument look cooler to us because wood is unpredictable and you can't punish something made of wood for behaving like wood! Can you?

The second reason it is being sold as B-stock is because of a 'ding' or more accurately a 1cm x 1cm chip in the top of the headstock. Hopefully the picture does a good job of highlighting the obscure nature of the knock. Because the finish at the top of the headstock is satin and the mark has dark stain beneath the exterior - the fault in the finish is definitely passable.

However, the instrument is still amazing. Still sounds good, still looks good. If you don't want it, can I have it? These marks in the finish are visible if you look for them but could easily be confused for the kind of run you get in the finish caused by old fashioned Nitocellulose and customers on the hunt for old instruments usually get very excited about the kind of vibe and patina.

This Ukulele is also useful for players with bigger hands as it has Kala's quite unique fatter neck profile with the 38mm nut width.

Kala say:
The newest addition to the Doghair Collection is the Salt and Pepper Doghair Elite. Designed as an homage to Collings Doghair guitars, the Mahogany gets a color spray before filling the grains, which is then sealed and glossed, producing the sleek Salt and Pepper finish. The contrast is complemented by the Ebony fingerboard and white binding. Handmade at the Kala Shop, the Salt and Pepper Doghair Elite is available in a tenor model with a high-gloss finish. Each comes in a black, Kala USA hard case with a plush interior and a Humilele humidifier.

SIZE: Tenor
TOP: Solid Honduran Mahogany
BACK & SIDES: Solid Honduran Mahogany
BINDING: White Phenolic
FINISH: UV-Cured High Gloss Black
  with White Doghair Grain Filler
NECK: Honduran Mahogany
FB INLAY: White Phenolic
NUT: GraphTech NuBone®
TUNERS: Kala Open Gear with Black Button
HS INLAY: White Acrylic

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