Ohana OBU-22 Compact Electro Acoustic Bass Solid Spruce Top + Gigbag

Ohana OBU-22 Compact Electro Acoustic Bass Solid Spruce Top + Gigbag
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This is a compact electro acoustic bass from Ohana, tuned exactly the same way as a bass guitar, and using acoustic bass guitar strings. It has a compact but bijoux sound unplugged, probably not enough acoustic volume to be heard alongside more than just one lead ukulele but sweet enough - you need to plug it in to get the best from it. And this is where its onboard Fishman Presys+ Bass preamp system comes in.

Not only does it have a built in tuner which works really well, but the cut and boost available on the 3 band preamp gives you the ability to sharpen the sound to cut through the mix or dull it a bit to thump along at the bottom. And with the brilliance control you can add a bit more zing and ping to the top end.

You also have the notch filter to knock out the annoying mids that cause feedback, and for those occasions when you are plugged into the same amp as someone else and feeding back the phase shift will knock that out. So for gigging purposes this would be a great tool.

This is a really nicely built instrument that should find a place in many ukulele ensembles. Although very different to the woody thump made by the ukulele basses, this compact bass has greater versatility and could be applied to more uses. And with the really nice quality padded rucksack gigbag included you are ready to go!

Real acoustic bass sound & sustain
Compact size (36 inches in length)
Metal roundwood bass strings
Fishman Presys + Bass® pickup
Accurate built-in tuner
Solid spruce top
Mahogany back & sides
Gloss finish
Backpack-style padded gig bag included
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