B-stock Kanile'a SUS-T DELUXE Solid Alaskan Rainbow Cedar/Mahogany Tenor Ukulele (SUS Exclusive) #22341

B-stock Kanile'a SUS-T DELUXE Solid Alaskan Rainbow Cedar/Mahogany Tenor Ukulele (SUS Exclusive) #22341
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As a Kanile'a dealer of nearly ten years, and their biggest overseas dealer, our love for Kanile'a ukuleles is unquestionable, so to be able to offer this model really is a dream come true for us. Rob began discussions with Kanile'a about a model unique to SUS way back in 2016 during an annual visit to Joe Souza at Kanile'a HQ. Our recent visits to see them at the NAMM show were also a great opportunity to go back and forth on the specifics and we decided to celebrate a fruitful decade of working together by producing a special limited edition deluxe version of our SUS model with a gorgeous Koa sound hole rosette and front black binding.

Although it took a while to get to this point, we are proud to offer a Kanile'a instrument that offers a beautiful look, beautiful sound, exquisite build quality - and excellent value for money.

We all know how excellent Kanile'a are at handling Koa and Spruce. But, we have always loved the way that cedar looks and sounds on ukuleles. So, we asked Joe if he could get some good cedar, and without compromising on any aspect of quality, make the range of sizes to include a tenor Kanile'a that we could retail at around £1000.

So - what is the result?

In short - utterly glorious. You will notice that the Alaskan rainbow cedar top is gorgeous; not quite as uniform in grain as traditional western red cedar but rather more textured, with gorgeously defined rainbow shapes in browns, purples and blacks in the figuring. The grain may not always run completely straight but the complex streaks have personality and make the instrument both look and sound mature and inviting like good wood should.

The back and sides are a little more conventional (not a bad thing). Mahogany is not a wood commonly associated with many contemporary Hawaiian instrument makers but its history with the ukulele going back to early Martin sopranos of the teens and '20s make it an elegant choice for our SUS Kanile'a model. The fact that Kanile'a have carefully matched the stain on the mahogany to compliment the cedar tops is a lovely bonus. Don't be tricked into thinking the back and sides are koa because of that lovely gold and amber tinge under the UV gloss finish.

Speaking of Ambers and Golds - we have reduced this one on account of some slightly darker staining of the cedar around where the neck meets the top (see pictures). It is under the finish, and in no way affects the sound or playing of the instrument, and is cosmetic only.

How does it sound?

It sounds wonderful... Every delivery of these instruments has suited slightly different strings, we have decided this time to leave the instruments with the factory Aquila's because they intonate very well and sound very full and clean. Other tenor ukulele strings sound good and different, of course, but the Aquila sets also help to make the harp like undertones you look for with a great soft wood top like cedar. The UV cured gloss finish does several key jobs as well as protecting the wood from scratches and play-wear. It dampens some of the natural boominess of mahogany, focusing and tightening the sound, and finally works to to bring all of these gorgeous materials together to resonate in just the right way.

This tenor ukulele has a CITES friendly ebony fingerboard, bridge and dark chocolatey figured headplate. Kanile'a have also allowed us to use their popular and very identifiable sand inlays on the fingerboard and headstock logo. Some players get put off by a satin neck but fear not because despite having Kanile'a's environmentally friendly UV gloss finish on the body; the neck remains satin with a slight 'played in' feel from new.

The SUS signature Kanile'a will not replace the look and tradition of Hawaiian koa. Still, plenty of players the world over are on the hunt for something different - a unique sound, a different look. Whether you are the ultimate bedroom musician or opening act at the Royal Albert Hall - the SUS model is a ukulele that can inspire you and grow with you.

Finally, this ukulele comes with Kanile'a's new upgraded Deluxe padded Gigbag rather than a pod case like earlier models.

This uke arrived with us with a small crack in a strut, on the back, which you can see through the soundhole. It has been professionally repaired, but during the repair a little glue escaped whilst the strut was being clamped (see pics) which has been tidied up but under close scrutiny you can see the repair. So, we are selling this one as B-stock at 15% off, to cover the repair to the strut and the few small cosmetic marks to be found in the finish (tiny, tiny mark on the top, and one on the back)

Solid Alaskan rainbow cedar soundboard (top)
Solid South American mahogany back and sides
Mahogany neck
38mm nut width
17" scale length
New TRU-R bracing system
Aquila 106U super nylgut strings
Ebony fretboard, pin bridge and head plate
Position markers and Kanile'a logo inlayed in sand
Kanile'a open geared chrome tuners
Koa Sound hole Rosette
Black front binding
NuBone nut and saddle
UV high gloss body/satin neck
Kanile'a Deluxe Padded Gigbag Included

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