Ohana CK70-A6 6 String Solid Spruce/Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Ohana CK70-A6 6 String Solid Spruce/Mahogany Concert Ukulele
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A wonderful 6 sting ukulele here from Ohana. It takes the best parts of multi-course ukuleles and conventional 4 strings and puts them together in one stunning instrument. The CK70-A6 is an all solid wood ukulele with a bigger sound than the average concert.

It's tuned to gG,cC,E, A. The mixture of low and high G (like a 5 string) and inclusion of the high C string gives you all the jangle and chimey chorus of a 6 or 8 string but with a cleaner treble side. You can pick melody with octave bass notes on this.

Best of all, the instrument doesn't suffer at all for being a concert size. 6/8 string concerts are very rare and can feel slightly claustrophobic, but this uke has a tight sound and a pleasent ring to it. Check out our first impressions of it in the video below.

Solid spruce top
Solid mahogany back and sides
Ovangkol fingerboard and bridge
39mm nut width
Unique 4/2 headstock design

High G, low G, high C, middle C, E, A tuning (to replace these strings - buy a normal 6 string set and use the low A as your low G)

Well done Ohana, when you get it right - you really get it right.

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