Risa LP-Style Electric Soprano Ukulele Cherry free gigbag

Risa LP-Style Electric Soprano Ukulele Cherry free gigbag
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High-end electric ukulele hand crafted in Europe. It is strung with steel strings, so expect very much an electric guitar sound, which can be run through effects very successfully. 

This model boasts twin humbucker pickups in a traditional LP layout, with a 3 way switch volume and tone control so you can shape your tone the way you want it. The 3 way switch allows you to select the neck pickup, neck/bridge together, and the bridge pickup - so just using this switch you can go from scorching treble lead sounds to mellow backing strums.

This uke can be tuned like a Mandolin as well as a ukulele with the right selection of strings. For ukulele tuning, you need to use a set of electric guitar 10's, using the 13 for the A, 17 for the E, 26 for the C, and the 36 strings for a Low G configuration. Or you can find another 13 or a 14 to use as a high G.

The build quality is excellent, it sounds and looks the part - what is not to like!

Scale length: extended soprano 363 mm
Standard tuning: g-c-e-a (low-g)
Finish: gloss
Body: solid mahogany with archtop
Neck: solid mahogany with block inlays
Bindings: cream binding around body and neck
Pickups: 2 handmade RISA humbuckers
Electronics: 3-way-switch for pickup selection (neck, both, bridge) and volume/tone controls with aluminium knobs
Free padded Risa gigbag with shoulder strap

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