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Millar BR-260WG All Solid Bolivian Rosewood Tenor Ukulele #3

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This Millar BR-260WG all solid Bolivian rosewood (pau ferro) tenor ukulele is something really special. 

You rarely see a ukulele made of solid pau ferro... I think the most famous example is George Harrison's rosewood telecaster from the Beatles 'Let it be' session. That's a rather tenuous way of saying that if it was good enough for the Beatles, its good enough for you. But how does it sound?

It sounds the opposite of how it looks actually, the dark creamy looking wood would suggest a darker, more complex and mellow sound but actually pau ferro is a volume powerhouse so when I gave this a strum today, I was struck by the directness of the sound. If you pick out single notes it has an almost piano vibe to it.

The look of the instrument is of course set off nicely by Millar's Nunes inspired ebony/maple rope binding and sound hole rosette. It also has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, just in case you were left wanting by the lack of rosewood elsewhere on this model!

Solid Bolivian rosewood body (pau ferro)
17'' tenor scale length
35mm nut width with 27mm G to A string spacing
Maple/ebony binding and rosette
Gold Der Jung machineheads
Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge
Clear fluorocarbon high G strings
Gloss finish

The ukulele pictured in this listing is of the actual instrument you will receive.

You may have noticed we rave about the Millar Ukuleles in our video because they offer something that really exceeds the playability and sound you would normally expect at this price. However, each one is made by an extremely small production team in Taiwan and small cosmetic imperfections around the body are almost inevitable. We always make sure to list the big ones but smaller ones or polishing marks in high gloss finish are an unavoidable side effect of getting something so special in other ways at this price.

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