Takumi TC-3K All Solid Figured Koa Concert Deluxe Ukulele

Takumi TC-3K All Solid Figured Koa Concert Deluxe Ukulele
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The TC-3K is the epitome of a well built, and beautiful sounding, luxury Ukulele. With a design that borrows loosely from the Martin 5K, Takumi Ukuleles are packed full of mojo and have a signature Koa brightness and charm. Nothing is quite as easy on the eye as Koa, and traditionally Takumi and other Japanese companies like Kiwaya know wrote the book on how to build fantastic Ukuleles with it.

We are big fans of Takumi at the Southern Ukulele Store and we couldn't have been happier when this Concert Ukulele arrived. You may notice the body is designed with a slightly wider lower bout more reminiscent of the Tenor shape and this is both practical and comfortable creating a slightly thicker bass and mid-range. And it is such a doddle to tune with the Gotoh planetary geared tuners, which by our reckoning are amongst the finest that you'll ever use.

Just a glorious Ukulele that more than holds its own as an alternative choice to the big Hawaiian 'K' brands. Let's also take a moment to admire the gorgeous and very plush Tweed Fender style reproduction hard case that comes with this Ukulele. A premium case for a premium Ukulele - makes sense.

Takumi TC-3K
Solid Premium Figured Hawaiian Koa Top, Back and Sides
35mm Nut width
Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge
Ivorioid Binding
Gotoh Planetary Tuners with Ivoroid buttons
Crafted in Japan
Comes with a deluxe Fremont Tweed Hard case
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