Big Island EUL-ACA-N Long Neck Concert Electric Ukulele

Big Island EUL-ACA-N Long Neck Concert Electric Ukulele
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The electric Big Island concert ukulele with such a long, elegant neck makes playing a real treat. Plus, electric ukuleles are very of the moment! we've seen lots of wonderful electric ukuleles hit the market from Risa, IMUA, Pono and now Big Island have joined in.

These electric concert ukuleles are made in China and are excellent value for money. They're about half the price of comparably specced models from Pono and IMUA. You still get the Fishman Pro passive under saddle ukulele pickup and beautiful looking cuts of wood.

This Big Island concert model has a chambered body, like a lot of the electric ukes available today, which makes them nice and light and ideal for stage use. With only a simple volume control knob on board, you simply rely on your amp or pre-amp unit for your tone shaping.

You get an authentic ukulele sound with the long neck concert ukulele thanks to the Fishman pickup. You get a great sound that's not at all electric guitar like. Just keep in mind that there is very little acoustic volume with this uke, although it makes for a perfect quiet late night personal practice. You'll need a headphone amp or amplifier and an instrument cable to make noise!

Laminate acacia top, gloss finish
Semi hollow mahogany body
Mahogany neck
Fingerboard: Rosewood with 400 radius
Bridge: Rosewood
Nut and saddle: Bone
Tenor scale neck on concert body
Open geared machine heads
Pickup: Fishman AG-UKE passive under saddle piezo
Strings: Aquila nylgut
35 mm nut width

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