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Tim Williams Solid Mahogany Baritone ukulele in gigbag

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This is an utterly charming and beguiling baritone, made by the lovely Tim Williams. Tim is a massively experience luthier, making guitars and ukuleles in his workshop in Cornwall. He came to see us with a family of 4 solid mahogany ukuleles, which we are very proud to stock for your delectation.

Everyone loves a good Baritone uke for the lovely warmth in the rich, bassy sound. This Baritone has a beautifully sonorous voice, which is characteristically very smooth and mellow owing to the solid Mahogany/Sapele construction. There is good headroom here as well, so when strummed loudly, you can get good volume without muddiness, whilst if you pick quietly, you get just the right presence and balance in the sound. Good stuff!

A lot of love and attention has gone into the building of this instrument. The inlay, binding and purfling work is just the external manifestation of this, but if you peer inside you can see the lovely precision of the build in the bracing and lining as well.

So, fundamentally this uke is extremely well made, but as is often the case with luthier built instruments, where every element is made by hand, if you scrutinise it closely you will see small inconsistencies in details like the purfling, and pits in the finish where owing to the fact that no grain filler has been used, the finish has sunk into the open pores in the wood. So, please do not expect a perfect factory machine buffed mirror finish!

Solid African Mahogany top
Solid Sapele back and sides
492mm (19 3/8") scale length
38mm nut width with 31mm D to E string spacing
Bone nut and saddle
Clear Nylon DGBE strings, wound D and G
Wenge fretboard and bridge
Philippine mahogany neck
American walnut binding and headplate
Matte finish
Closed back geared tuners

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