B-stock Kanile'a K-1 BE Baritone Solid Hawaiian Koa Ukulele Gloss (TRU-R) #20665

B-stock Kanile'a K-1 BE Baritone Solid Hawaiian Koa Ukulele Gloss (TRU-R) #20665
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Kanile'a ukuleles are some of the very finest on the sunny island of Oahu. Their instruments have incredible finishes, really second to none, and they possess incredible poise, both physically and sonically. They feel so light in the hand, thanks to very clever bracing and beautifully refined, high quality thin wood being used. This one is new, but has some damage to the finish on the bottom bout (see pics). There are two small lacquer cracks, and some smaller dings to the binding and around the cracks. We have verified that these are lacquer cracks only, not in the wood, but it is enough to merit a 20% discount on the new price!

The most visible crack is quite short, whilst the slightly longer one is really hairline and nearly invisible. At a distance of more than a few inches, you can only see the shorter one.

Everything on the body of this instrument is designed to maximise vibrations. The new TRU-R bracing allows the top to ring for longer, the internal binding top the top and back is as minimal as possible without compromising structural integrity, and the wood is very carefully selected for the correct grain properties which allows the sound waves to be created. And everything is put together by master craftsmen, who love what they do, and this shows.

All this attention to detail results in a huge but crystal clear and balanced sound, endless sustain and very pretty and complex harmonics in the sound. You really can do everything on a Kanile'a!

This model, the K-1 BE export specification, is essentially a K-1 baritone made of solid koa, but with ebony fret board and bridge instead of rosewood. Apart from being a more expensive and harder wood which helps the instrument vibrate more loudly and for longer, it avoids complications with the cities restrictions on rosewood.

As of early 2019, all Kanile'a models come with Kanile'a TUR-R bracing. The TRU-R bracing pattern allows even less contact between the braces and top allowing for a truer vibration and a noticeable increase in sustain on all models. Finally, from 2019 - Kanile'a K-1 models will come with an updated ebony headstock facebplate and white pearl inlays.

Solid select koa body
Ebony fret board and bridge
White pearl position dots
NuBone nut and saddle
South American mahogany neck with satin finish
Bridge pins
Geared grover tuner keys
UV gloss finish
GHS baritone DGBE strings
38mm nut width
19" scale length
Kanile'a hard case
Updated TRU-R bracing

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